The comedians we like on social networks


instagram is known for posting crisp, aesthetically pleasing photos from everyday influencers and photographers, but let’s not sleep on the content that makes us laugh. Many modern day comedians have launched lucrative careers showcasing their comedic talents using social media platforms, be it Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

Thanks to today’s communication technologies, humor is only a click away! After all, what would life be without laughter? Baller Alert has rounded up some of the funniest influencers whose goal is to make sure we get sore from laughing too hard. Let’s go.

Druski – @Druski2funny

Druski is an internet comedian whose content regularly goes viral. Not only does he post comedic skits where he re-enacts real-life situations, but he also goes on Instagram Live quite often to crack jokes at others’ expense. Sharing his personality on social media has earned him millions of followers, allowed him to host J. Cole’s tour, and brought him into rooms with the likes of Drake and Jack Harlow. It’s comical and goofy and definitely worth watching.

Melanie Mitchel – @itsmelmitch

Comedian Mel Mitchell talks online about her “Black Teacher at _____” skits. The FAMU graduate creates scenarios from movies like Harry Potter and the Avengers to give her followers the black perspective. In addition to her Instagram sketches, Melanie has taken scenes doing stand-up comedy and hosting events. His tweets constantly go viral for being relatable and funny. Melanie’s social media comes to mind when looking for a hilarious escape from reality.

Kervo Dolo – @kervo.dolo

Kervo has taken social media by storm with his infamous “Karen” impersonations and sketches. The TikTok star has gained 7.9 million followers on the app and is extremely active on Instagram, often posting funny photos and videos of himself pretending to be a white woman or relative from Haiti. Kervo’s Karen voiceover has circulated on TikTok several times and continues to be used in thousands of TikTok skits. He is a trendsetter. If you want to laugh to tears, Kervo’s page will do.

Mona – @dontcallmewhitegirl

Funny girl Mona, also known as “Don’t Call Me White Girl”, keeps things a hundred on her social media. You might know her from her now infamous line on TikTok, “Why are you weird to me?” but our daughter has taken steps since. His podcast on BreakBeat Media, DCMWG, is making waves with celebrity guest interviews going viral, like his meeting Ari The Don and Sukihana. She discusses everyday topics like love and relationships – the girl understands. Mona uses Instagram to share raw looks at her life while making her followers laugh.

Antonio Neville – @heytonytv

The 25-year-old comedian and influencer is absolutely hilarious and what’s great about his comedy is that it’s incredibly realistic. HeyTonyTV, whose real name is Antonio Neville, continues to go viral on social media with its comedic skits surrounding the high school experience. His social media pages are filled with videos showing school leaders getting on the bus for a field trip, participating in cheerleading practice, or hosting an end-of-school-year event stemming from his experiences at Rocky Mount High School. No matter the day or time, if you need a good laugh, HeyTonyTv’s page is where you need to be!

Christianee Porter – @thechristishow

Christianee Porter, also known as The Christi Show, is an actress and comedian who was born into an entertaining family, so it’s no surprise that she had the chance to entertain others. She offers comedy-filled sketches through various characters, including a TV reporter, an aspiring rapper, and a church mother. In 2017, Christi became a viral sensation after posting a video dressed as an older woman in a sleeveless cropped orange suit standing on the sidewalk outside a storefront. This video and many others have been viewed over a million times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Comic cartoons are in his DNA, and it shows!

Boris Baker – @boris_baker

Boris is a French Instagram prankster who films himself harassing passengers on the London Underground. The prankster has amassed more than 2.2 million Instagram followers who watch him prank unsuspecting transit passengers and pedestrians. In several of his videos, Boris pretends to be blind and steps on a moving subway car with a cane. He stumbles – prompting nearby passengers to jump in to help – before breaking into the dance and revealing he isn’t disabled after all. If you’re a fan of the Impractical Joker show, Boris is basically the French version.

Pretty Vee – @yesimprettyvee

Vena Excell, better known professionally as Pretty Vee or Vena E, is a comedian, reality star, and actress known for her hilarious sketches and funny dances. Thanks to her hilarious social media content, she has gained over 5 million followers on Insta. She rose through the ranks due to her talent for telling jokes and the comedic timing she displayed on networking platforms. She finds joy in entertaining people and they return her love. Thanks to this, she landed a recurring role on Wild ‘n Out and continues to entertain her subscribers on TV and online.

Social media comedian Travis Thompson, better known by his nickname TravQue, is an Instagram personality widely known for posting comedic videos and sketches on his eponymous account. His content usually shows him making ridiculously large purchases on celebrity tabs in clubs or making practical jokes about pedestrians in big cities while posing as a Jamaican “rastaman”. Trav is as great as comedy, and his social media presence is proof of that.

Mike Brooks – @mikebrookstv

Mike Brooks is a stand-up comedian whose social media is as unfiltered and raw as he is. His most hilarious content on social media is his commentary, especially videos of voice acting animals. Mike, who has appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and Bad Boys of Comedy, never backs down from any subject and entertains his followers by sharing his point of view through skits. His Instagram and Tiktok content is unmissable. He’s a comedic genius.


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