Who will win the Oscar nominations in the craft categories?


Maybe you saw “Dune” and found it cold and a bit boring in that it seemed to be allergic to pleasure. Or maybe you found Denis Villeneuve’s epic adaptation gripping and involving, full of meaning and spectacle and can’t wait for “Dune: Part II” to be released in 2023.

Whatever your opinion, we can probably all agree that a parcel effort has gone into the making of the film and that even amidst its most inert dramatic moments – basically, its entire second half – you might find something worth watching, grabbing and triggering a moment of wonder. (If I was a kid, I would have asked for a toy of one of those dragonfly fighter planes – apparently they’re called ornithoptera – for Christmas and a sandworm Christmas stocking.)

My point: “Dune” is going to clean up the Oscars craft categories, likely getting a Best Picture nomination as well. What other movies are also likely to find favor? Consume some spice mix – hey, it helps to see the futureso I’m sure it can be spent – and look at production design, film editing, costume design, makeup and hair, sound and visual effects.


“Dune”, Patrice Vermette (decorator), Zsuzsanna Sipos (decorators)
“West Side Story”, Adam Stockhausen (production designer), Rena DeAngelo (production designer)
“Nightmare Alley”, Tamara Deverell (production designer), Shane Vieau (set designer)
“The French Dispatch”, Adam Stockhausen (decorator), Rena DeAngelo (decorator)
“The tragedy of Macbeth”, Stefan Dechant (decorator), Nancy Haigh (decorator)

At the climax: “The Power of the Dog,” Grant Major (Production Designer), Amber Richards (Set Designer); “Being the Ricardos,” Jon Hutman (Production Designer), Ellen Brill (Set Designer); “Cyrano,” Sarah Greenwood (Production Designer), Katie Spencer (Set Designer); “Spencer”, Guy Hendrix-Dyas (decorator), Yesim Zolan (decorator); “Belfast”, Jim Clay (decorator), Claire Nia Richards (decorator)

Stockhausen won that Oscar for Wes Anderson’s latest live-action film, “Grand Budapest Hotel,” and plans to return home for creating the many precise and visually dense environments in the filmmaker’s love letter to the New Yorker. It will likely be one of two nominations for Stockhausen and set designer DeAngelo, who also gave moviegoers a new take on New York in ‘West Side Story,’ emphasizing the courage of a vanishing neighborhood. .

“Dune” leads the category for its breadth and the way Vermette and his team brought the textures of the film’s various worlds to life. Villeneuve took his time to immerse moviegoers in all this world-building; lingering in all these massive sets to make sure you’ve noticed the tremendous amount of work that went into creating them. Voters will note that they paid attention.


“Dune”, Joe Walker
“Belfast”, Úna Ní Dhonghaíle
“The Power of the Dog”, Peter Sciberras
“West Side Story”, Sarah Broshar, Michael Kahn
“Licorice Pizza”, Andy Jurgensen

At the climax: “Don’t Look Up”, Hank Corwin; “King Richard”, Pamela Martin; “Nightmare Alley”, Cam McLauchlin; “Tick, tick… Boom!” Myron Kerstein, Andrew Weisblum; “CODA”, Geraud Brisson

Corwin earned nominations for “The Big Short” and “Vice,” so it’s entirely possible he’ll find favor for this latest collaboration with filmmaker Adam McKay. And though Guillermo del Toro’s bloated noir “Nightmare Alley” didn’t do well when the film academy revealed its Oscar Lists last month, it could make a comeback here and elsewhere when the branches weigh down.


“Cruel”, Jenny Beavan
“Dune”, Jacqueline West, Robert Morgan
“West Side Story”, Paul Tazewell
Spencer, Jacqueline Durran
“House of Gucci”, Janty Yates

At the climax: “Nightmare Alley”, Luis Sequeira; “The Power of the Dog,” Kirsty Cameron; “Coming 2 America”, Ruth E. Carter; “Belfast”, Charlotte Walter; “The French dispatch”, Milena Canonero; “Being the Ricardos,” Susan Lyall; “Cyrano”, Massimo Cantini Parrini; “Licorice Pizza”, Mark Bridges

Durran has won two Oscars, most recently for Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women.” Not everyone liked the way filmmaker Pablo Larraín turned Princess Diana’s story into a psychological horror movie, but still…that wedding dress! The yellow sailor suit! Durran’s costumes evoked and recalled Diana’s bold style and revealed her emotional journey. Plus, her costumes subtly made Stewart look a bit taller, closing the six-inch gap between star and subject.


“Dune”, Donald Mowat, Love Larson, Eva von Bahr
“Tammy Faye’s Eyes”, Linda Dowds, Stephanie Ingram, Justin Raleigh
“House of Gucci”, Jana Carboni, Giuliano Mariano, Göran Lundström
“Cruel”, Nadia Stacey, Carolyn Cousins
“West Side Story”, Judy Chin, Kay Georgiou

At the climax: “The Suicide Squad”, Heba Thorisdottir, Janine Thompson; “Nightmare Alley”, Cliona Furey, Jo-Ann MacNeil

The Oscar will likely come down to the image that has lingered longest in voters’ minds: Stellan Skarsgård’s bald, often naked, 600-pound villain ‘Dune’, bald, elderly and overweight misfit ‘Gucci’ of Jared Leto or Jessica Chastain’s mascara-laden televangelist in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.” (All those layers of makeup may have permanently damaged Chastain’s skin. “It’s okay,” she told The Times. “It’s for my art.”)


“West Side Story”
“No Time to Die”
“Tick, tick… Boom!”
“Spider-Man: No Coming Home”

At the climax: “Belfast”, “The Power of the Dog”, “Matrix Resurrections”, “A Quiet Place Part II”, “Last Night in Soho”

“Spider-Man” sound mixer Kevin O’Connell has been nominated 21 times…including efforts on Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man” films. (It was even nominated for “Dune”…the one directed by David Lynch decades ago.) “No Way Home” will likely need nominations here and visual effects to help translate its phenomenal commercial success into a nomination. of the best long-term image.


“Spider-Man: No Coming Home”
“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”
“The Matrix Resurrections”
“Godzilla vs. Kong”

At the climax: “No Time to Die”, “Eternals”, “Free Guy”

The Bond movie could happen because this branch is dominated by older men who wouldn’t need CGI to show their own tears at the thought of Daniel Craig’s tenure coming to an end.


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