A Turk feeds stray dogs and cats


Compassion towards animals is an important virtue to have and teach others as well. In fact, some people love animals so much that they dedicate their entire lives to caring for them in one way or another. Others try to watch out for their four-legged friends as much as they can.

A perfect example of human compassion for animals is this man from Turkey who feeds stray animals every day.

Ikram Korkmazer, owner of a meat shop named Yeim Et Galerisi, makes sure that all of his furry friends waiting outside his shop never go hungry by feeding them every day.

Iram also blesses us daily by posting animal stories on Instagram where he shares videos of stray dogs and cats waiting outside his store for a meal. Iram’s latest Instagram video shows him walking outside the store with a bowl of food and an excited stray dog ​​wagging his tail.

“Friends at the gate,” Ikram captioned the video.

The video has amassed over 49,000 views and tons of reactions from Iram followers. Her comments section was flooded with Instagram users expressing their love with heart emojis.

Here are some great videos of Iram feeding stray dogs in front of his shop.

Be kind, be compassionate.

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