Top 10 Best iOS Apps October 2021


Much like the Play Store for Android, the App Store for iOS devices has a huge catalog of apps and it is only growing. Discovering Useful Apps emulates finding a needle in a haystack if you’ve already looked through the top 50 or 100 useful apps. But hey, that’s where our list of the 10 best iOS apps comes in. Here is a list of 10 apps that you should install on your iOS device.

1. Ouiim

Are you a frequent traveler or a businessman who travels a lot abroad, well Yesim is for you. There is no need to buy a new SIM card for each country you visit or charge international roaming plans for mobile data. Yesim uses your iPhone’s eSIM capability to serve over 120 countries around the world. Simply install the app, choose the country you are visiting, choose the plan, and install it immediately.

There is no need to pay extra for international roaming. Yesim offers you a set of data plans ideal for business and occasional travelers for short and long journeys.

2. Invoice creator

Invoice creator

Creating invoices has never been easier with Invoice Maker. The app saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise have spent creating invoices. It allows you to create professional invoices with just a few clicks where you can add a bunch of details for the service or product you are selling or whatever. It allows you to share invoices immediately and with its reporting feature, everything is available at a glance.

The app contains professional-looking invoices with a custom branding and design, as well as photos and signatures that you can add with your invoices. The app is available on a freemium model, so you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version once you’ve used up free credits.

3. 3D maps

3D Cards

Google Maps is improving day by day, but there are a few alternatives if you are not a fan of Google Maps or Apple Maps. 3D maps are ideal for those who want to wonder if it’s for running, biking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. The app reinvents maps offering 3D maps that you can use to gauge elevation and the route to take. The app gives you access to the terrain in 3D and allows you to plan your trip even before visiting the place. You can save trips to URL or email or other platforms.

The app also gives you the distance traveled and the speeds. It has searchable maps in offline mode so you don’t have to hang onto Wi-Fi or waste crucial battery juice on mobile data outside.

4. Peak


The human brain is capable of doing so many things, but many fail to unlock this ability. Peak is an app that improves mental health with over 45 games that are both fun and brain-stimulating. Harness the hidden potential of your brain by unlocking parts that target the sections responsible for problem solving, attention, memory, mental agility, language, and more. You can compete with your friends and have fun in the app.

Peak gives you stats and information on your performance against other players playing the same games so far. A Peak Pro subscription unlocks a few other feature sets in the game.

5. Zillow


Zillow is a property finder app that helps you find homes and apartments for rent, sell or buy. Like many apps, Zillow is limited to the US only, so you can’t view or list properties outside of the US, but you can explore hundreds and thousands of properties around the country.

Zillow brings you features like 3D homes, co-buying, neighborhood details, self-guided tours, and updates listings all the time. This is surely a go-to app if you are looking for a property to sell / buy / rent in the country.

6. Celestial Navigations

Celestial Navigations

The Celestial Navigations app on your iPhone allows you to calculate to reduce a sextant reading. He finds a perpetual nautical almanac. Identify navigation stars by simply pointing your phone at the sky. You can save the sextant readings for later use. The app requires the use of a sextant to fully use the app. The app is available at $ 1.99, so there is no free version as of this writing.

7. GIF maker

GIF maker

If you don’t like GIFs and memes, I wouldn’t exactly say that you get the most out of your social media. GIF Maker is a great app that you can use to easily create memes and GIFs as well as Boomerang videos. It converts photos and videos to GIF for sharing online. It has a myriad of features including adjusting speeds, filters, adding text and format, sticks and emojis, and more.

Install a free version to get your hands on the basic but must-have features. Take it to the next level by paying for its subscription which unlocks unlimited GIFs, premium filters, and more.

8. Time out the alarm

Time out the alarm

Keeping an eye on the expiration dates of anything you buy isn’t that easy. Of course, you can just look at the expiration date, but that’s too much to ask when you’re busy. The expiration alarm allows you to enter details about the food items you have purchased, set their expiration date and receive notifications once you are near the expiration date for any product.

You bought a cheese which will expire a week later, the app will notify you of the expiration date. Plus, you can share it with your friends and family just to keep them updated on the expiration.

9. Notability


One of the most powerful note-taking apps on iOS, Notability is ideal for students, professionals, teachers, and anyone looking to jot down ideas. The app offers a ton of tools for journaling and note taking with continuous page scrolling and more. You can add photos, webpages, GIFs and more on the notes.

Handwrite and draw on Notability with features like custom colors, eraser and ink styles, perfectly formed shapes. Additionally, you can record audio for videos or lectures in the Notability app. Share everything through Notability or import anything you want to reference or make changes.

10. ClipDrop


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Choose objects using your iPhone’s camera via ClipDrop and you can use it to edit or do anything with it on the desktop app. The app uses AR to select objects, isolate them from the environment, and place them wherever you want. ClipDrop offers plugins for platforms like Figma, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Canva, among others.

Closing sentences
With that, I’ve completed the list of the 10 best iOS apps to try in October 2021. We’ll be adding more apps in upcoming editions, so stay tuned.

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