Entrepreneur loses RM60,000 trying to get quick ‘ah long’ loan


KUANTAN (Bernama): A contractor has filed a police report claiming he lost RM60,000 which he paid to a pawnbroker, considered an ‘ah long’ (usurer), allegedly as a processing fee for a quick loan of RM250,000.

The head of Pahang’s commercial crime investigation department, Superintendent Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof, said the 28-year-old victim claimed to have received a call last month from a lender offering him the loan.

“The victim claimed that since he needed immediate money of RM250,000, he accepted the offer, and after discussing the matter with the appellant, an agreement was reached where he (the victim) agreed to pay RM7,000 per month for five years.

“The suspect allegedly requested the victim’s personal information and payment of RM30,000 as a processing fee, which the victim paid on August 17, and a week later, the suspect again contacted the victim and requested payment of another RM30,000 as an administrative fee to credit the loan money to his account,” he said in a statement here on Friday (September 10).

Wazir said the victim claimed to have paid the requested amount on the same day through three online transactions.

The victim became suspicious and filed a police report when the suspect contacted him again on Thursday September 9 asking him to make more payments, he added. – Bernama


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