‘Big Brother’: Sarah Beth plans to kill Derek X, fans worry about his safety


With this season when Big Brother gets their first female HoH, things have started to move around the house! As HoH, Sarah Beth set her sights on Derek X, Alyssa and Xavier as targets, determined to take them down. However, due to the Chopping Block Roulette that would be played this week and the veto power, she had to choose her nominations carefully. She eventually named Claire and Derek F, who were both pawns. For her, the goal was to get Derek X out of the game.

With Sarah Beth Steagall in command of power this week, she has her sights set on her targets. However, due to the High Rollers room, she must have played her game very unexpectedly. But, it might work well in her favor, judging by her looks.


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Seeing that most people didn’t have enough money to play with the exception of Derek X, who wanted to save his money for next week, Alyssa won the match and ensured her safety for the week. But according to the rules of the game, a random player was selected to be eliminated. As Alyssa got Derek F out of the OR, she ended up putting Xavier in his place, much to her dismay. Now it all comes down to who wins the veto, as Sarah Beth’s plan is to steal Derek X. If he confronts Xavier, chances are he will be eliminated, as Xavier has the barbecue looking for him. .

Fans seem to be dreading what could happen next week. “My hands are sweating worrying about the safety of this man # bb23 # bigbrother23 #BigBrother,” one fan tweeted. “Fuck the whole house for targeting DX. And DX for being so confident and not socializing / talking enough with the hoh # BB23,” added another. “If Derek X leaves this week, I will NOT recover emotionally. Fix that, @CBSBigBrother. FIX IT. # Bb23,” one fan tweeted. “I really need Derek X to make the right choices this week because right now he’s the only thing stopping me from letting go this season. #BigBrother,” said one fan.

While Derek X has captured the hearts of fans, many viewers want him on the show, as he may be one of the few people in the house who has managed to piece together the possibility of a secret alliance, which is the barbecue. If he survived this elimination, it would be interesting to see how the situation unfolds, especially since he sees Hannah as a close ally. Yet his first loyalty lies in the alliance.

“I really hope DX stays, he’s the only one slowly rebuilding the barbecue’s existence… And if he does stuff, it’s gonna get pretty interesting,” one fan tweeted. “At the start of this season I had a really good feeling of DX. Not playing the heavyweight line-up is probably going to cost him 750,000. That being said, we have to really enjoy the barbecue, because it is probably one of the strongest alliances we’ve seen in big brother # BB23, “tweeted one fan.

“Derek X’s journey through the season was fun to watch. From someone almost a victim of one of the worst Big Brother players we’ve ever seen becoming such a vital Alliance player as anyone. non-Cookout could be this season, he should consider this season a success, ”added a fan.

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