Yeşim Tekstil continues to invest in Ağrı


Yeşim Tekstil, which operates in the field of ready-to-wear and home textiles, continues to support the economic and socio-cultural development of the region through its investments. The company carries out global brand production at its new production site commissioned in Ağrı in 2019 and recently started producing here for Tommy Hilfiger. Yeşim Tekstil will further strengthen its permanence in the city with the new ready-to-wear factory, which was built with an investment of around 20 million euros, as part of its future growth plans in line with demands. client. The facility was built on a 36,000 square meter factory area allocated by the Ağrı Governorate under the Tekstilkent project and will also contribute to employment.

Yeşim Group CEO Şenol Şankaya said that the production center that has emerged is a source of pride for Turkish textiles and that Yeşim Tekstil will continue its mission to be the leading and most reliable global brand supplier in the future, as it has been in the past. Stating his readiness to take all growth and development-oriented measures in accordance with this mission, Şankaya thanked all the ministers and senior officials who supported them, in particular the Governorate of Ağrı, which led the process of implementation of the Tekstilkent project.

Yeşim Tekstil supports the development of the region with his investments in Ağrı

Şenol Şankaya said that under the Ağrı Tekstilkent project, they will have the chance to significantly contribute to the employment of the region and that they will be part of the economic development of the region. Explaining that with the given production facility, they aim to help change not only the city but also the face of the region, Şankaya said; “We are also looking at the issue not only from an economic perspective, but also from a social responsibility perspective. When our investment in Ağrı reaches 10,000 people and is fully realized, our aim will be to deliver an additional turnover of around 25-30% over our current capacity. On the other hand, we will have the chance to see the vision of a city that has started to develop socio-culturally together ”.

One of the groups that employs the most women under one roof in Turkey, Yeşim Tekstil will increase the number of factory employees to 5,000 by 2025 with the completion of the new investment program , which he led with the aim of being permanent in the Ağrı region, and his first job objective will be met.

Yeşim Tekstil continues to invest in Ağrı

“Unemployment is the biggest problem in AÄŸrı”

Expressing that AÄŸrı is one of the most suitable cities for development and investment, Åženol Åžankaya said that they trust the people of AÄŸrı and will continue to develop by taking firm and stable measures. in order to be permanent in the region. Åžankaya stressed that the most important problem in AÄŸrı is unemployment; “With the research carried out by the AÄŸrı Governorate, he focused on a sector that can quickly start production in the region and provide employment opportunities for many people in order to solve the problem in question, and he was decided on the textile sector ”.

Noting that they had promised not only a production area but also quality of life in AÄŸrı at this point, Åžankaya said that they would keep YeÅŸim Tekstil’s principle of “People First” living in their facilities here as well. Relayed that they will increase the standard of living of the local population with the conditions of social compliance that they will apply for the nursery and the employees that they will open here, Åžankaya announced that they will create a working culture in the sector of industry activity.

“Reverse migration may even be possible”

Şenol Şankaya said that in addition to all their activities, they also kept active the possibility of developing cooperation with partners in the region. “From this point of view, I can say that we are moving forward with a much larger ecosystem, not only with Ağrı, but also with other suppliers in the region. This common synergy will bring very important gains both for the Yeşim group and for the economic development of our country ”, concluded Şankaya as follows:

“We have always trusted and will continue to trust our country and the hard workers of these lands. We see the potential of Ağrı. As our investments increase in the Eastern Anatolia region, we will also help prevent migration to the west. Preventing migration will also allow the citizens of the region to live in the shamrock by staying in their own country. After a while, we may even have a chance to pave the way for reverse migration ”.


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