SD Times Update: VCs Invest Money in Blockchain Companies, Checkmarx Acquires Dustico, UNOG Appoints Two New Members to Board


Blockchain companies have raised $ 30.4 billion in total funding, marking a 44% increase in one year, according to Block Arabia, a financial markets news site.

Data from Crunchbase showed that 2018 was a banner year for blockchain investments, but the next two years saw a significant decline. This year, investors have started to come back en masse to the technology.

Block Arabia found that US blockchain companies lead the total value of investments, with $ 12.5 billion in funding rounds so far, followed by European companies at $ 6.1 billion and Asian companies at $ 5.4 billion.

Checkmarx acquires Dustico

Checkmarx’s acquisition of the startup, which has developed unique methods to identify supply chain attacks, will extend the technology to Checkmarx’s software composition analysis tool, CxSCA.

This will add ML-based behavioral analysis and contributor reputation metrics into the risk analysis equation, alongside the solution’s existing threat stream, independent security research, and actionable path capability. .

Checkmarx said it is working to integrate these new protections into CxSCA as soon as possible and will post updates on its to place.

UNOG appoints two new members to its Board of Directors

UNOG today announced the appointment of Shannon Lietz, vice president of Vulnerability Labs at Adobe, to the UNOG board of directors as co-chair alongside Nick Lippis and Ernest Leffner, co-founders of the UNOG. ‘UNOG.

In addition, Yesim Akdeniz, Managing Director of Architecture, Technology and Engineering at Citigroup, is appointed to the UNOG Board of Directors.

The UNOG Board of Directors sets the tone and direction for open enterprise cloud frameworks for industry that will best serve the interests of UNOG members, including companies such as Bank of America, Cigna, Citigroup, FedEx, Fidelity Investments, Gap Inc., Pfizer, Target, Raytheon Technologies, Kaiser Permanente and moe.

ServiceNow to acquire Swarm64

ServiceNow has signed an agreement to acquire database performance company Swarm64 to help customers more effectively manage data in many different use cases to run complex and rapid data analyzes at scale .

Swarm64 was co-founded in 2013 to accelerate PostgreSQL database performance through a combination of analytical and transactional database capabilities that support large-scale intelligent workflows and enable industry-leading performance and scalability. order.

ServiceNow expects to complete the acquisition of Swarm64 in the third quarter of 2021. Further details are available here.

Apache weekly update

This week at the Apache Software Foundation saw Apache Pinot, a distributed big data analytics infrastructure created to provide scalable, real-time analytics, move to a high-level project.

New releases this week include Geode 1.13.4, Camel 3.11.1, Commons CSV 1.9.0 and Commons DBCP 2.9.0


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