Pedophile Begs For Forgiveness On Live TV After Being Chemically Castrated


A convicted pedophile was shown on television explaining the amount of pain suffered after undergoing forced castration in Kazakhstan. Watch the video below:

The former Soviet state introduced stricter laws for all men convicted of child sex offenses.

Chemical castration involves regular injection and will continue even after long prison terms.

Credit: Est2Ouest

A pedophile said on television: “I know it’s harmful to my body.

“I know this will affect my health in the future.”

A second added: “Now I’m sorry I committed such a crime.”

This media campaign is designed by the authorities to create an element of fear in potential sex offenders who are considering committing such crimes.

Another convict pleaded, “By my example, I want to show men that they shouldn’t commit such terrible crimes.

“I beg those who prescribed me chemical castration – reverse your decision.

Credit: Est2Ouest
Credit: Est2Ouest

A prisoner named Marat, who was guilty of attempted rape of a minor, said he had so far received three castration injections at a penal colony in Shymkent, which has prevented him from having erections.

“Everything is really bad in terms of my man’s health,” he said.

“I need a sex life but nothing works there.

“Why castrate me? I admit I’m guilty.

“But I want to live further away. I still have my family and my children.”

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted child rape.

Finally, a 50-year-old convicted pedophile convicted of raping a 14-year-old schoolgirl is said to be in tears.

He said in his strict regime penal colony: “They sentenced me to 17 years.”

Kazakhstan estimates that its approach has resulted in a 15% drop in attacks against children, although statistics on pedophile offenses have increased, possibly due to higher reporting levels.

A nurse and grandmother in charge of castrating pedophiles in a Kazakh prison says the West should also follow the example of the former Soviet state.

Prison hospital worker Zoya Manaenko, 69, insists it is right that child sex offenders should be subjected to this ultimate punishment.

She said, “These people have to be arrested somehow.”

“They are committing terrible crimes against children. So it is right that the law allows this.”

But castration laws only apply to people convicted after the laws come into force.

Kazakhstan’s policy of non-tolerance includes publishing photos, names and addresses of all child sex abusers after they are released from prison.

Magzhan Yesimbek, deputy director of a penal colony, said he had more than 100 pedophiles in his prison but only three had been castrated under the law.

Some 30 were due to be released this year, but because their offenses were committed earlier, they were not neutered.


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