Yeşim Tekstil produces for the world in Ağrı


Yeşim Tekstil manufactures ready-to-wear for world famous brands in its factory commissioned in 2019 in the Ağrı Tekstilkent region. The facility was opened with an investment of around 20 million euros on a factory area of ​​36,000 square meters allocated by the governorate of Ağrı. He recently started production of the famous Tommy Hilfiger brand. Yeşim Tekstil aims to gradually create jobs for 5,000 people in the Ağrı facility, which was created as part of the decision to increase capacity and continue planned developments in accordance with the demands of its customers. On the one hand, the company continues to expand its capacities through the support it provides to other producer partners in the region; on the other hand, it plans to increase the number of employees at the plant, which currently stands at 850, to 1,700 by the end of 2021.

Planning to increase the number of employees to 15,000 people in Turkey with the production network, YeÅŸim Tekstil ranks among the biggest companies working with female employment and volume created in Turkey. YeÅŸim Tekstil produces from Turkey for the European market and from Egypt, thanks to the advantage of the free trade agreement, for the American market.

Ending the year 2020 with an export value of $ 332 million, the company aims for 20% growth in 2021. YeÅŸim Tekstil has also launched investment programs besides Bursa and aims to contribute to the economy of the country by increasing its production and export capacities with this investment program that they implemented thanks to government incentives.

Another $ 30 million investment in Ağrı

Yeşim Group CEO Şenol Şankaya has announced that he plans to invest an additional $ 30 million in Ağrı for the coming period. Stating that they aim to employ 5,000 people for the second time after reaching the number of employees gradually in the first stage, Şankaya continued his remarks as follows:

“We plan to increase the number of employees in our plant to 1,700 by the end of 2021. The process of equipping the plant with automation systems continues. The leaders of PVH Europe BV – Tommy Hilfiger visited our factory, which is increasing its range in terms of production competence and they wanted to see our production processes on site. We briefed the group consisting of SVP Öznur Mutlu, responsible for purchasing and production processes, Tommy Hilfiger directors Emine Sezer and Mustafa Ceylan about our future production and growth plans. We started production from the AÄŸrı factory for Tommy Hilfiger, who is our current customer, and we are producing from our other locations. It is a pleasant development for the region in all respects ”.

Yeşim Tekstil produces for the world in Ağrı

It will announce even more strongly the inscription “Made in Turkey” all over the world.

Åženol Åžankaya said that when the investment in AÄŸrı reaches 10,000 people and is fully realized, their goal will be to provide an additional turnover of around 25-30% compared to their current capacity. He said; “In this way, we will have the chance to advertise the ‘Made in Turkey’ inscription even more strongly all over the world through the dozens of brands we work with.”

An increase in welfare will prevent immigration from the region

Åženol Åžankaya said that they saw AÄŸrı’s great potential and noted it; “As the investments we have made grow in the Eastern Anatolia region, we will help prevent migration to the west. Avoiding migration will also ensure that the citizens of the region stay in their hometowns and live in the shamrock ”.


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