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Credit Cards

Credit card for pensioner?

Warming sunshine, lovely sandy beaches, Locusts on vacation – there are reasons why a withdrawal might want a credit card. The credit card is particularly convenient for travelers, but is also commonly used when ordering from online stores, for example.

Warming sunshine, lovely sandy beaches, Locomotive vacationing – there are reasons why a withdrawal might want a credit card

A credit card is a form of payment that can be purchased with credit. Well-known credit cards include Visa and MasterCard. We’ve also written a comprehensive guide to credit cards that you should check out!

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a credit card (or any product) is to compare. This will help you find the product that works best for you and save you money. You can compare free credit cards in our comparison:

Purchased with credit must be repaid

Purchased with credit must be repaid

A credit card loan is a loan agreement and does not include collateral. In most cases, the interest-free payment period is at least one month, ie 30 days.

Typically, a credit limit is set on a credit card, which is a sum of money that cannot be borrowed more than a month. The level of the credit line is affected by the user’s annual income. For example, a pensioner has a pension that is a regular income.

Why should a pensioner get a credit card?

Why should a pensioner get a credit card?

The withdrawee lives as full a life as other groups of people, and retirement itself is no reason not to consider a credit card. The question is whether a person (whether retired or even a student) needs a credit card. Are you interested in traveling abroad or ordering a book online?

One of the concerns about credit cards is the security of card payments. In reality, credit card payment is an extremely safe and reliable option. For example, if a pensioner wants to order an Angry Birds shirt for their grandchild or book a vacation, paying with a credit card is a much safer option than paying with a debit card, for example.

When paying with a credit card, the security is better because, for example, when an airline goes bankrupt, the credit will compensate for the money lost on the flight.

It’s a good idea to get a credit card if you dream about traveling, for example. In many countries, hotel rooms or car rentals must be paid by credit card and no other payment method is available.

It’s a good idea to get a credit card if you dream about traveling, for example.

Many pensioners may think that they do not need a credit card. When it comes to credit, thoughts turn to a mortgage that has been repaid for 30 years. Such burdens are not to be passed on to the posterity in the inheritance.

However, a credit card is meant to allow things quite different from mortgages. So check your prejudices!

How does pensioner status affect getting a credit card?

Not necessarily in any way. Most credit card issuers (credit bureaus) are interested in the regular income of the borrower. Even if the pensioner has a low income, the pension income is regular.

If you have neglected your financial obligations and gone beyond your means, for example by playing too many slot machines or failing to pay rent, you may have caused a malfunction in your credit information. In that case, getting a credit card is highly unlikely.

What should a pensioner take into account on a credit card?

Compare different credit cards. What suits your needs best? For example, if you are interested in vacationing, many credit cards offer travel insurance. When taking out travel insurance, it is worth checking if there is an age limit for the insurance. For example, many card providers do not offer travel insurance for people over 70, but there is no upper age limit in Good Finance in Green, for example.

Make sure your credit card travel insurance covers the cost of medical treatment for an illness or accident without a euro limit and for medical transportation to your home country. It is also good to check how you will be reimbursed after the trip.